Guide To Run Android Apps Using BlueStacks 2 On PC

There are plenty of game emulators available on the web but choosing the best one which is up to the mark is a difficult task. It requires a lot of time and research. To save you from all that hassle, I have picked up one of the best game emulator called “BlueStacks 2“. You can download and install this emulator with ease by following this article till the end. BlueStacks 2 is an android emulator which lets you play your favorite games on a bigger screen like PC/MAC.

We all are aware of the fact about how the Android mobile operating system is taking over the application and gaming world and gaining more popularity with each passing day. The number of users are growing every single day whether it may be on the “Google Play Store” or the “iOs App Store”. People of every age group use it to download games/applications according to their choice. There is a vast collection of various apps/games from different genre where everybody is sure to find something according to their taste.

Android has a “Google Play Store” of its own which allows you to download free/paid games in just a single click. You can play these games on your smartphones or tablets easily however you can not play these games on your PC without an emulator. Well, if you are looking for a solution on how you can play the same games on your PC/MAC on a bigger screen then this article is going to provide you with all the information that you need.


Use this tutorial to Run Android Apps Using BlueStacks 2 from Google Play Store on OS like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP & MAC. You will have the access to all the games/apps that you can access on your smartphone. Now, if you are just wondering how does the interface of BlueStack 2 look like before downloading the emulator, then the pictures given below will help you get an idea and download the right product.

Guide To Download & Install BlueStacks 2 On PC

1. The most important thing to check for before downloading the emulator is to make sure your internet is working properly. It is important so that your download completes without getting stuck.

2. After checking that you have a stable internet connection, you have to download BlueStacks 2 using this link.

3. Once your software has been downloaded, all you need to do is open the file and there you will see a window for the installation.

Bluestcaks2 Install 1

4. After the installation process has begun, you need to follow the instructions on the screen and get to the end of the installation wizard. Below are the screenshots of different steps that you would be going through.

Bluestacks2 Install 2

5. You will see this screen where you will have to set up your Google account in order to perform different actions.

Bluestacks2 Install 3

6. After you’re done with setting up your account, you will have to set up your BlueStacks 2 profile by entering a unique name.

Bluestacks2 Install 4

7. When the installation process has finished, you will be directed to the BlueStacks 2 emulator where you will have to set up few things before using it.

8. You will have to choose the desired language from a list of many.

Bluestacks2 Install 5

9. Now you will have to set up your Google account which lets you have the access to all the games and apps available on the Google Play Store.

Bluestacks2 Install 6

7. The last step is to select the payment method if you are planning to buy the games/apps from the Google Play Store.

BlueStacks2 Install 7

8. Voila! You have completed the download & installation process for the BlueStacks 2 emulator.

Bluestacks2 Install 8

  1. This is the homescreen of the emulator that you will get to see once you open it.

BlueStacks 2 Homescreen

Guide to Run Android Apps Using BlueStacks 2 On PC:

  1.  The first step is to to launch the BlueStacks 2 emulator.
  2. When you see the homescreen, you will have to open the Google Play Store in order to download a game or an app.
  3. Once the Google Play Store has lunched, search for the game or app that you want to download.
  4. After finding the desired app/game click on the install button.
  5. Once the game has been downloaded, you will see it in the applications of the emulator.
  6. Tap the downloaded app/game and start using it right away.

You have finally reached the end of this guide which means you are ready to use this emulator and start using it right away. Go ahead and download your favorite Apps & games. Have a great time!

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