The Best Android Emulators For Your PC 2017

We all love our mobile phones and tablets way too much because of the amazing functionalities they have to offer. Most of us are hooked on to our mobile phones and other gadgets for playing games. We often wonder how cool it would be if the screen of our mobile phones or gadgets becomes as big as the PC screen. Well, it is totally possible to play your favorite mobile games on a bigger screen like PC using an emulator. An emulator is a software which provides you with the functionalities same as that of a mobile phone for running apps and playing games on PC(Windows/Mac). Using emulators on PC saves us from a lot of pressure like you don’t have to worry about the battery because it’s not a mobile phone.

Another thing is it is fast and efficient as compared to a mobile phone and also it doesn’t have any storage issues. Now, there are various emulators available on the internet but to find the best one is kind of tricky. Illustrated below are some of The Best Android Emulators For Your PC 2017, which are surely to bring Android experience to yours PC’s & Laptops.

The Best Emulators To Download For Your PC

Bluestacks/Bluestacks 2

Bluestacks 2

Bluestacks2 is an emulator that you should be downloading if you have no past experience with the emulators. This is a fast and efficient android emulator which allows you to play your favorite games and run your favorite apps without any lag issues. The good thing about this emulator is that you have the option of multi-tasking which means you can perform multiple tasks without getting bound. It also gives you the option to capture screen which is pretty cool. I have also included a step by step Guide To Run Android Apps Using BlueStacks 2 On PC after which you will be able to download & install games/apps right away.

Andy OS

The Best Android Emulators For Your PC

Andy OS is a cool android emulator which is loved by all the gamers because of its important feature that is multi-touch. It provides a brilliant gaming experience to its users because of this feature which makes it super easy and fun for the players. This android emulator provides a fast speed and efficient usage to its users. If you want to download this emulator, you can follow this link to Install Android Apps & Games Using Andy OS [How to Guide]. Have fun!

Nox App Player

Nox App Player Logo

Nox App Player has something different from the rest of the emulators which makes it stand out from the crowd. It has a location support feature so you can actually play games which require real-time location like Pokemon Go. It also has a support for in-built macro and video recorder which makes it more cool and fun for the users. Another cool thing about this emulator is that it allows you to run different things and use multiple accounts at once. If you wish to play Android games & apps using Nox App Player then follow this link to Install Nox App Player For PC (Windows & Mac) and make the most out of this emulator.

KO Player

KO Player

KO Player is an amazing android emulator which also provides a super fast and smooth experience to its users without having to worry about the storage space. It provides some amazing features like support for multiple accounts, keyboard, gamepad, video recording etc. It also has support for hardware acceleration and OpenGL which makes it a lot more amazing. The resolution of this emulator will make it a lot more interesting and appealing for you to use it. I have also included a guide link which will help you and give you all the knowledge on How To Install & Play Android Games On PC Using KO Player.

You can download any of these emulators to play games or run apps on your PC(Windows/Mac) right away without any hassle. All of these have various links attached to them which will make it super easy for you to download these emulator and start using them right away. Good Luck!

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